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Paul Mischler

Last night was Carsie Blanton opening for Robert Hazard at The Auction House.  I was impressed with the area right around The Auction House last time I visited when Pat Wictor played.  I thought that area could really become something.  I think it's taking off.  There was a sidewalk concert going on outside in front of a CD shop and there were tables out in front of two restaurants.  A coffeeshop and an kitsch-shop were being added on the block as well.

The Auction House had a few changes as well.  Many of the large pieces of furniture that had been present during the Pat Wictor show were gone.  (Well, it IS an auction house, what do you expect?)  An elevated riser stage has also been added, 18 inches off the ground as opposed to the real stage area which is a more normal 3.5-4 feet.

Michael Tearson (of Sirius Satellite and Phialdelphia radio fame) introduced the performers.

Carsie Blanton opened the show, sporting a blue and white (paisley) flowered dress.  She's still super cute.  It's also her birthday on Tuesday.  "I'm fourteen!" she said.  She later recanted noting that she is old enough to have dated enough people to write songs of love found and lost.

Nothing too new for her in this set other than her song "Money In The Bank" (Can be heard on her Myspace page), a song in which she uses poker as a metaphor for love.  "I didn't know anything about poker" she said. "I looked it up on Wikipedia"

She then got a little precocius mentioning that she was so happy that Robert Hazard "agreed to close for her."  That drew a little giggle from the audience.

Robert Hazard took the stage soon after.  For those of you (like me) who don't know who Robert Hazard is, he's a musician and a songwriter.  His biggest hit is this one (it's not a Rick Roll, I swear!).  It's going to be released on a record from Miley Cyrus next week. He's back on Rykodisc records and recently released a new album called Troubador, which is a far cry from his hard rocking in the 70's and 80's.

I found the concert really enjoyable.  As Michael Tearson said "I told you, some day you'd be writing character songs".  I couldn't help but think that Robert Hazard is one of the inspirations for John C. Reilly's character Dewey Cox in "Walk Hard".  I also thought "this is who Dan Bern is going to be when he gets old."

Good concert, nice night for it too.  They have air conditioning in The Auction House, something I did not expect when I saw all the fans blowing during the Pat Wictor concert.  I wil certainly be going back.

When I got home, there was a huge surprise waiting for me that had come in through the mail slot of my apartment door: Teresa Storch has completed her new album "Stream of Concrete", featuring Tom Bianchi and others.  More once I listen to it.

Tonight I will be preparing for Falcon Ridge and putting together my notes for "The List". horvendile, this would be a good time to send me updates.

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