Paul Mischler (misch) wrote,
Paul Mischler

For reference: Bigger does not equal better.  The half moon cookie from Mr. Bill's was not so good.  It was way too dense.  I would guess that it was either a case of "overmixing the batter" , or the cookie was just too thick to properly cook.

The burger and the onion rings were awesome.  Best onion rings I've had in ages.

[Note: Go see your favorite Good Eats episode that talks about the "muffin method" for reasons why this is bad]

I also know that there is a big argument over the name of the cookie.  In upstate NY (Especially in the Utica/Rome area), they are called "half moon" cookies.  In downstate areas, they are called "black and white" cookies. (Source).  In other places, they're called "half and half" cookies.  It's a debate on the level of Pop vs. Soda.

I did find a recipe for the cookie.  And another one, for more reasonable quantities.

And as a side note, why do I get choked up over "Goodbye, Farewell and Amen"?  And how did I not know that Rosalind Chao (Soon-Lee Han) played Keiko (Ishikawa) O'Brien on Star Trek: TNG & DS9?

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