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Over the weekend, I had 2 very strange coincidences happen. One, as I was driving past the Rome Savings Bank, the thermometer on the clock read "74 degrees". At the same moment, I was listening to We're About 9's song "Weight of the Universe". Of course, it makes no sense if you don't know that a main lyric of the song is "74 Degrees". (No, this isn't the first time this has happened either.)

A heads up for all my Rochester-based friends: We're About 9 plays on Friday, December 5th at the U of R. I'm guessing this is in Uncommon Grounds. Eddie From Ohio plays on Saturday, December 6th at Milestones.

Anyone want to offer me some crash space that weekend? :-D

(Note: hey shakenbysound, what was that site you pointed out to us that let you sign up for reminders of events in certain areas?)

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