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You know that friend test I gave? It's time to give the answers...

1. Where have I not visited?
South Point, Hawaii (6)
Sears Tower, Chicago (6)
Colonial Williamsburg, VA (4)
The Carrier Dome, Syracuse (1)
Penn Station, NYC (1)

I've been to all of these places except the Carrier Dome. My parents took me to the first 3 on various trips, and I was in Penn Station on a train layover. (And again after I made the test). Nobody got this question right.

2. Which of the following did I not do in high school?

Played football (6)
Was the Webmaster for my school district (1)
Was a member of the debate team (2)
Was in Science & Chess club (1)
Skipped a day of school (8)

Yes, I played football (#64, I was a lineman). Yes, I was hired by the Williamsville Central School District to be its first webmaster. I was in Science & Chess club (Science & Cheese club, as we called it.) I did skip a day of school, though I never really left school that day. I spent the day hanging lights for a show. Only one of you managed to get this one right.

3. Which of the following places have I not eaten at?
Anchor Bar (Wings), Buffalo (5)
Nick Tahou's (Garbage Plate), Rochester (2)
Dinosaur BBQ (BBQ), Syracuse (4)
California Rollin' (Sushi), Rochester (5)
Great Northern Pizza Kitchen (Pizza) (2)

I'm from Buffalo, but I've never been to the Anchor Bar. Yeah, it's a big tourist draw for the city, but those of us who live there know that you go to Duffs to get wings. If you go to the Anchor Bar, you're not going to be disappointed though (from what I hear.) 4 of you got this right.

4. What is my favorite place on earth?
Old Home Days, Williamsville, NY (0)
Falcon Ridge Folk Festival, Hillsdale, NY (17)
Mighty Taco, Buffalo, NY (0)
Kauai, Hawaii (0)
Hooters, All over the place (1)

Although I love Mighty Taco, I love Falcon Ridge more. All of you got this right, except for one anonymous coward.

5. Which of the following did I not do?
Won a wrestling tournament? (0)
Played football at Ralph Wilson Stadium (Home of the Buffalo Bills) (1)
Hit a hole in one (7)
Had a game winning RBI in a baseball game (6)
Shot pucks on net at a Sabres game (4)

Wrestling tournament didn't get any of you. Surprise, surprise. I played football at Ralph Wilson Stadium twice. In 1994 and 1995 my high school team played for the section championship there. In 1994, we won, and made it to the state finals at the Carrier Dome in Syracuse, NY. I came down with the chicken pox and didn't make the trip (hence the answer to #1). I did have a game winning RBI in a baseball game once. Tied at 14 in the bottom of the seventh with a man on third, I blooped a ball to the shortstop. He picked it up and mishandeled it, throwing over the head of the firrst baseman. I reached first on the error, but got credited with the RBI. As for the puck shooting on net, I won tickets to a Sabres game and got to go out on the ice and shoot pucks to win playoff tickets. Here are two images. I'm the one wearing the Sabres jersey. Sorry they're a little fuzzy.

6. What did I wear to my senior prom?
Black tux, green cumberbund (1)
Black tux, blue cumberbund (4)
Blue tux, white cumberbund (2)
Black tux, red cumberbund (3)
Paul didn\'t go to his senior prom! (you insensitive clod!) (8)

Oh, Paul went to his prom. He may have went alone, but he did go. He wore a black tux and a blue cumberbund. Did you see the blue tux in American Pie? Would I wear that? NO. 3 of you got it correct. 8 of you underestimated me.

7. What role have I not played in theatre?
Director (3)
Actor (8)
Stage Manager (0)
House Manager (2)
Properties Manager (5)

Actor: Juggler, Soldier in Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater Theatre (RIT Players Childrens Theatre). Stage Manager: Nicholas Nickelby (High School). House Manager (I did this so many times, i can't even count). Properties Manager: The American Clock (RIT Players).

8. Which nickname have I never been called?
Mischy (1)
Mischka (0)
Commish-Misch (3)
Mischelope (7)
Paulie (7)

Mischelope? What the hell kind of a name is Mischelope? 6 of you got this right. And you may not call me Commish-Misch or Paulie. Those are reserved for special people. And you're not special.

9. Which of the following am I not?
An Eagle Scout (3)
A software developer (0)
A satirist (3)
A member of IEEE (8)
A thespian (4)

4 of you don't know what a thespian is. See question 7. I am an Eagle Scout. Yes, I have issues with the organization. (See Scouting for All.) I work as a software developer. I've written satire for "Gracie's Dinnertime Theatre" at RIT. I haven't joined IEEE yet.

10. If Paul was a bottle of wine, which one would he be?
Icewine (1)
Port (2)
A sweet white wine (6)
A bottle of brut sparkling wine (3)
A mellow red wine (6)

When I wrote this question, I wasn't really thinking about it too much. icewine is out. I'm not cold, at least I don't try to be. I didn't think about the geekiness of Port. ("Hello, I'm Data. This is my brother Port.") I don't really like dry wine so much. I like a little residual sugar, so the sparkling wine is out. The mellow red wine would work, but I prefer white wine. This question was pure guessing.

Congrats to shakenbysound and Mocksie for scoring the best on the test, 5/10.

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