Paul Mischler (misch) wrote,
Paul Mischler

Falcon Ridge

Well, I'm finally back in the real world after spending my weekend at the Falcon Ridge Folk Festival. I'm going to be posting my journal (I had my Palm out there with me, so I have a bunch of things to say :-) I might as well...

Thursday, 7/25. 11:35 AM
o/~ Palm pilot and my cell in hand...
and every stop is neatly planned
for a geek here in a one man land...
Homeward bound.
I wish I was... homeward bound.

No, not really. Money is the real reason I'm headed down with friends. It's kinda like the scene out of American Pie 2, where the guys realize they don't have the money to afford the beach house for the summer... and so they have to invite Stiffler. Well, my version of Stiffler is sitting in the front passengegr seat. I'm riding in the back with a bunch of the equipment. (I didn't overpack! I swear! ) Please just give me a general anesthetic and a pair of ear plugs and knock me out until we get to Falcon Ridge.

I'm currently having Pink Floyd blasted into my ears... (could just be because I'm stuck in front of the speakers. Dunno... can't tell. Weather forecast: Looking good today with mostly sunny skies... forecast high in Hillsdale: 72, low of 44. (yes, I'm going to be freezzing my ass off tonight. I'm glad that I packed some cold weather gear into my bag.

The chances of rain this weekend are pretty slim. I'm happy because I really don't want to see it rain. In fact, I don't think it's ever rained while I was at Falcon Ridge.

Milepost 329. 44 miles from home. Martha's Trouble (one of the groups in the Emerging Artist Showcase) sings o/~ There's a hundred miles to Charleston... and there's still several more to go. The night is almost gone. o/~ I have several more miles to go too.

More later.

More to come later!

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