Paul Mischler (misch) wrote,
Paul Mischler

A real entry... Happy Canada Day!

It's about time I put a real entry in here.
Happy Canada Day to all my Canadian friends out there. Don't deny it. yes, even you people from Buffalo, it's Canada Day for you too, practically Canada and all. (If you think of going to Canada, and you think of going west, you might be from Western New York.)

In honor of today, I have been playing some fine Canadian music in my CD player. Great Big Sea has had some play time, as well as David Matheson. I'll follow those two up with some Sarah Slean and some Moxy Früvous too.

Additional bonus news: The Falcon Ridge Folk Festival's Emerging Artist Showcase Performers List has been posted. Surprise, surprise, there's actually people in there that I know, and who know me. Best of luck to Marthas Trouble and Cadence Carroll!!!

That's good for now :-)

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