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Falcon Ridge, Part 2

Of course, it's time for more from

Thursday, July 25th just before Midnight.

The hills have welcomed me back. We rounded the last corner leading up to the festival, and I felt a serene sense of peace. All my cares, all my worries, fears, and nightmares... they all melted away. All I am left with is four days of perfect inner peace.

I arrived shortly after 3:30 this afternoon. Perfectly blue sunny skies this afternoon. Drove to upstairs Camp Früvous, and pitched my tent. Gordon was there, steve was the, JJR was there and were followed soon by Goovie and her Neal, and Drea coming up the hill. So many Fruheads, so little time.

Soon, my tent was pitched, and I was well on my way to total nirvana. After fixing a quick dinner (of sausage with peppers and onions and pasta salad for those of you who are interested), I went to Downstairs Camp Früvous and saw all my friends there, ^kat^, JillMom, Becca, Nate, Saburah, Julius, Ellen, Anita, Nitsa, and so many more. Perhaps even Falcon Ridge isn't about the music as much as it is about the friends?

The budgie dome is the last major encampment on the ridge. Again this year, we're right next to the big orange tarp. I can hear their never ending song now. Still singing.

Things should be fun for the rest of the weekend. I'm going to hget up early and go set up a tarp down at the mainstage. Now i'm going to try and get some sleep, as it's likeley to be the last major sleep I get in until Monday night ;-)

Bah. Why are people still setting up tents at 12:15 in the morning??? WHy are babies crying??? Note to self: BRING EARPLUGS.

That's all for now. Good night!

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