Paul Mischler (misch) wrote,
Paul Mischler


I am one of the people who read your RSS feed nearly daily.

For about the past two weeks, your RSS feed has been unusable.  For some reason, your RSS feed puts the address "moc.go4f" at the front of the address.  The subdomain is not visible to the world.

Even worse, your current RSS Feed Listing returns 404 errors on all the listed RSS feeds. (Like this one)

I've tried to use your contact form for New Media Editor Mark Correa to let him know about the problem.

After clicking on "Send Message" on the form, I get this error message:

Initiating new verification scheme
  Key verification is enabled - initiating
    Validation key found - starting decode
    Validation key life time set to 15 minutes
    Invalid verification key provided!
  Key verification FAILED
Verification FAILED
Luckily a google search turned up a contact point for their New Media editor.  Hopefully direct contact will work better.

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