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Hockey Hockey Hockey, El Guapo!

Friday night.  Can't tell you how painful it was to hear the RIT Tigers go down 5-1 at one point to Nemann.  Thankfully Neumann ran out of gas and RIT opened up the flood gates and won the game 11-5.  The Buffalo Sabres did much of the same thing Friday night, going down to the LA Kings at one point 3-1, then winning the game 8-1.

Saturday was a little different.  I hopped on the Thurway and traveled west for the thriller between the Tigers and the Manhattanville Valiants.  Of course, no trip to Rochester is complete without some shopping, so  I hit the Waterloo Outlets and splurged on stuff for my kitchen.  My knives now have cool sheaths so I don't need to worry abou tthem getting banged up or me slicing my hand open in the drawer.  I also went and splurged on a dishwasher for my apartment too.

But anyway, back to Hockey.  Since there's no farking holiday today (at least one not worth celebrating), I went to RIT for Violence Day, (aka RIT Hockey).  Like the previous night, the tigers managed to give up the first goal, but tied the game.  Second period, same result.  M'ville scored, RIT gets one back.  Third period was pretty exciting, but neither team could manage to get another goal, even when an RIT player got sent off in overtime on a 5 minute major for spearing.  That means RIT controls its destiny and can clinch the ECAC West regular season title and would host the tournament in early march.  As an added bonus, I'd get to go and DJ the early game on my own.

The Sabres also had another strange night.  iI'll let the IM messages from my friend longlac (a Toronto  Maple Leafs Fan and constant foe of my Buffalo Sabres do the talking.)

(20:12:06) longlac: 1-0 To muahaha
(20:24:16) longlac: 2-0 :-):-)
20:26:48) longlac 3-0 :-):-):-)
(21:32:56) longlac 5-4
(21:37:51) longlac FARK

Although the Leafs had gone out to a 3-0 lead, the Sabres battled back and made it 5-3.  Toronto got one more to make it 5-4, but then  Robert Reichel put the puck in his own net.  The last Sabre to touch the puck?  Goalie Mika Noronen.  That sealed the Sabres 6-4 win. (Trivia buffs:  That makes Mika Noronen the 8th goalie to score a goal in the NHL.)

Oh, and to Rob Ray...  Good luck in Ottawa.  See ya in the playoffs, ya bum! (okay, not really, but I do wish Rob the best in rejoining the Senators.  The man is a class act, and I hope we see him doing his good works back in Buffalo when the Razor decides it's time to really hang up the skates.)

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