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Dear Comcast:

Thanks for making your "ecobill" systemp pretty useless to me.  Up until my move this past September, I was happily using your ecobill to receive electronic notification of my Comcast bill.  I was very pleased with the system, I could download my bill on demande, and print it out on my own if I wanted a hard copy.

Then I moved.

I had a new account set up at my new address.

Then I discovered a new annoyance:  You cannot set up ecobill to use an e-mail address other than the address associated with your account.

Since I never use an ISP provided e-mail address, I find this to be rather annoying.  I really don't want to go through the hassle of setting up a new account in my mail reader to get one message a month.  I don't want to forward all e-mails from the one account to my personal addresses. is too vulnerable to dictionary attacks, and I don't want to deal with the spam.

I wasted an hour waiting for a customer service representative on Tuesday morning trying to figure out what my username and password for are.  The foreign representative couldn't help me, and I had to be transferred to a stateside supervisor who informed me that they couldn't change the e-mail address that the ecobill notice was sent to.

The last Ecobill e-mail notice I received was dated 9/21/09.

Bad service? That's Comcastic!
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