Paul Mischler (misch) wrote,
Paul Mischler

Many thanks to horvendile for pointing me to this evening's minor rant.

The scene: Acme Markets in Medford, NJ.

A tired misch is getting groceries on Tuesday night. He needs milk.  Fark.  It's $3.79 a gallon. But misch is tired, and the thought of going to another store after his workout makes him all stabby.

misch  sees the Lehigh Valley Dairy Fat Free milk on the shelf.  In big letters, it reads "Lehigh Valley Fat Free Skim Milk"  Right next to it on the shelf is the Acme brand milk, with a "Hey, this price is cheaper!" tag.  It's also got a light blue label.

So, misch grabbed the Acme brand milk with the blue label.

When misch got home, misch noticed he bought 2% milk. misch was a little bit annoyed.

Okay, Acme.  Pro tip: Either group your milk by brand, or group your milk by type.  Don't group it by color, since your colors do not have the same meaning.

I'm not the only person to notice this.  That certainly looks like Lehigh Valley milk on the left, and Acme brand milk in the back.

Lehigh Valley:
Red: Whole milk
Blue: Fat free

Acme Brand:
Red: Whole milk
Blue: 2%

Now, the picture is great, I like how their milk is laid out in the picture.  Lehigh Valley is in the left bay, Acme is in the bays to the right.  At the Medford Acme, the gallon milk containers are grouped by color. Lehigh Valley light blue next to the Acme brand 2%.

Perhaps they could fix this?


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