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Follow-up to Dell SNAFU...

Finally got an e-mail from Dell giving me all the information I thought I would need to get the software. First, I would have to set up a digital locker account through Did that. Then, I had to go through an order invoice page to find my actual invoice for my software.
Finally got a response today with a link to set up a "digital locker" at Dell's website. Of course, I get there, have to go through the process of creating a new account. I finally find the "Download" button... and of course, it doesn't work in Firefox.


I click on the "Download" button, then eventually get redirected to download some file named smartsource.Mediamanager.application, which is a whopping 9.1KB, and, in fact, not an application at all, it's an XML file.

I'm most amused by the header image "Pay less for instant software"... this has most certainly NOT been instant.

Edit: Gone back to retry the download with Internet Explorer... now it wants me to grant permission to run a web application with a security certificate self-signed by Dell. WTF kind of an operation are these people running?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Dell Download Manager, according to Dell:

Do I have to use the Dell Driver Download Manager to download files?

No, you can still download files via you browser without using the Dell Driver Download Manager. When your first try to download a file you will be presented with a pop up screen offering Driver Download Manager or Internet Browser. If you choose Internet Browser you can download files as per normal.

Hey! Guess what! No little popup window! Not even an alert that there was a popup window.

The FAQ also says I can remove the Dell Download Manager when I'm done.... experience tells me that this is not going to work, because NOTHING has worked as advertised.

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