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Falcon Ridge...

And now, for something completeley different.

Friday 5:45 PM

What a day it has already been!!!

Got started this morning at 10 minutes before 7. Yes, that's 40 minutes before too early in the morning. Got down to the main stage with my tarp in anticipation of an 8 AM land grab to find a place to put down my tarp. What a surprise when I see that half of the lower seating area has already been covered. Crap Looks like they weren't too strict on the main stage *foof*

Woke up this morning to a little change. I wasn't baking in my tent. Nope. Quite the opposite, I was cold! It supposedly got down to the 40's last night. At lest my new mattress pad did its job and kept me comfortable through the night.
Took a shower for the first time at FRFF. Yeah, that was fun. At least I had hot water. Too bad I had a cool breeze whipping through the whower. Wet body + cold air = chilly quick!!!

Judging this year's Emerging Artist Showcase is going to be nearly impossible. There were so many good performances today, I don't know how I'm going to choose. Some that caught my eye were: Martha's Troule, Michael McDermott, Greg Alexander (Could be the next Vance Gilbert), Allette Brooks, Antje Duvekot, We're About 9, Molly Pitcher, Carl Chaco, Cadence Carroll, and Girlyman. How am I supposed to choose 3 out of all these???

The food out here has been pretty darn good too. Had a slice of pizza for lunch from Sunflower Pizza. *very* good stuff. Sometimes wish I could get pizza like that. Reminds me of home. Dinner this evening was a chicken fajita from one of the stands on the back row. I'm still going to try to get in jambalaya, mushrooms, and some japanese food in before I go. I also have a bag of trail mix and other goodies to get through. Going to be sharing at the Budgiedome tonight.

Oh yeah... the big news is that we're going to be having a CD release party for Russell Wolff tomorrow.

Also saw a couple of interesting things. Grassy Hill is broadcasting the festival over the internet. In addition, there's a big old poster for "Sirius Satellitte Radio" adorning the front of the FRFF stage. (in addition to the WKZE AM/FM radio banner, and the ASL spoken here signs.)
Christopher Williams, The Kennedys, Jimmy LaFave, Rhonda Vincent & The Rage, Greg Brown, Lucy Kaplansky, Chris Smither & Erin McKewon are due up. Should be fun! More later.

Still more to come!

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