Paul Mischler (misch) wrote,
Paul Mischler

Time for one last followup from the FAIL that was Dell's software download.

Last night in my inbox arrived the download instructions from Dell for my "digital download"... for an order I placed on January 16th.

Yes, folks, this means that if I had done NOTHING to get Dell to "expidite" the software delivery, it would have taken them 16 days to fulfill a digital software download order.

In 16 days, I could have ordered the software from Amazon on CD/DVD and had it shipped here by super-saver shipping.  I probably could have done that twice.

In 16 days, I could have walked to Staples, bought the software, and walked back home 300 times (ignoring store hours)

In 16 days... I learned that I will NEVER be buying software from Dell again.  Even if the price is cheaper.
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