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Who knew that a little piece of plastic could cause such a big problem?

For a little while now, we've had water leaking down from the freezer in to the refrigerator.

A description of the problem from somewhere on the Internets:
"The most common cause is a blocked defrost drain. Every 8 hours or so, the refrigerator goes into defrost, and ice is melted from the cooling coils. This water must drop into a very small hole just under the evaporator coil, and from there, falls into a drain cup in the fresh food section. It the goes into a drain hose thru the back wall and down to the condensate pan under the fridge."
So I pulled the fridge away from the wall off, unplugged it, then took off the bolts that held the interior panels out.  As I suspected, the floor beneath the false floor was covered in ice, and the metal drip tray in the back was also a sheet of ice.

Through strategic use of a hair dryer, I was able to remove the ice.  I found a piece of broken blue plastic lodged in the hole, preventing water from draining out of the freezer.  After clearing that out, and sending a bit of boiling water down the drain hole, I eventually heard the sound of running water hitting the evaporation tray beneath the fridge.

These are some pictures I found that show in detail almost exactly what I did. (No, the site isn't mine).

Of course, now the kitchen is in a bit of disarray.  I had to take everything out of the freezer and put it under ice in coolers.  The coolers are still sitting there on the kitchen floor, airing out.  I'll need to make sure that I put them away today.

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