Paul Mischler (misch) wrote,
Paul Mischler


I saw Eddie From Ohio tonight at Mother's Wine Emporium at RPI.  Kick ass concert, complete with yours truly getting a shout out from the stage. :-D  I was hoping to see one or more of you slackers out there, but alas.

Before the concert, I popped into the game room at RPI.  They had a Lord of the Rings pinball game.  Tres cool. :-)  Needless to say, a few dollars were pumped into that machine.  ;-)

Eddie From Ohio will be at the Smith Opera House on Friday, April 30th.  I hope some of my Rochester and Syracuse based friends will be able to come out and see them.

I'm still a little torn between Great Big Sea in Rochester next weekend and Dan Bern in Troy.  There's a good case to go see either one, but I think Great Big Sea is going to win out in the end.  Mainly because I miss all my Rochacha based friends, plus I'll be able to get crash space there.  The crash space is sepecially helpful because I'll be running in a 5K road race that morning.  No wanna drive home pooped out after that.  It could all be moot though as I may have to amke another trip down to Louisiana for work instead that Saturday.
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