Paul Mischler (misch) wrote,
Paul Mischler

My own dentist, Moorestown Dental Associates joins the ranks of "Companies who have had a security breach and lost my e-mail address to spammers"

EDIT: Wait, no, it's another byproduct of the security breach at

Lets see what else is going on...

via Kotaku and elsewhere: You can get Gish, World of Goo, and 3 other interesting games in a "name your own price" sale.  The games are cross platform compatible (Windows/Mac/Linux).  In addition to the straight-up giveaway, you get to choose how the money you give is divvied up.  You can choose to give all the money to the developers or make some or all of it a donation to the Electronic Frontier Foundation and/or Child's Play charity.

Personally, I say just give the money to the developers and donate directly to Child's Play, and  directly to the EFF as well but the EFF is offering a nice package of Pioneer membership to the first 30 people who donate $100 total to either charity through the sale..
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