Paul Mischler (misch) wrote,
Paul Mischler

Music post!

Wow... there's a blast from the past... Seth Horan is going to be at Milkboy Coffee in Ardmore on 8/5.  He's got house concerts in New Brunswick and Verona on 8/6 and 8/7.

Paul & Storm tacked on a track by Marian Call on their last podcast (#089). The track is "It's Good To Have Jayne On Your Side".  Sounded pretty cool.  She's playing W00tstock 2.4 in San Diego at the end of July.  She's also working on a self-booked 50 state tour, so be sure to check out when she will be in your area.  MD, DE, NJ, PA is up in the air, but the calendar has her around October 6-10, then NYC 10/11-10/20.

I need to remember to check out Peter Sagal's monologue from the Chicago W00tstock. Part 1, Part 2.

I've been listening to The Nerdist podcast a lot lately.  I've been trying to get caught up on podcasts while I'm doing this mind destroying work.
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