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Irony, thy name is Microsoft...

In an article on (from originally), when discussing Microsoft's legal strategy, senior Microsoft executive Jeff Raikes said in an e-mail to Warren Buffett

"If we own the key 'franchises' built on top of the operating system, we dramatically widen the 'moat' that protects the operating system business," Mr. Raikes wrote. "If I owned the most successful daily newspaper in Buffalo, I wouldn't want to leave it to my competitor to own the Sunday edition."

It should be noted that since 1982, there has been only one daily newspaper in Buffalo, The Buffalo News.  The Buffalo Courier-Express folded in 1982.

Update: No sooner had I made this brilliant post on then /. crashes and gives nothing but "503 - Service Unavailable" errors.

Damnit, I thought this post was going to be a 5 for sure.

Update 2: I was right. I got a five.
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