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Still more from Falcon Ridge

Still more from Falcon Ridge...

Saturday, July 27th, 2 AM

o/~ At Falcon Ridge,
what the tents would ingest
Were some poseurs who poisoned the fest, a few Ani fans, John Gorka's kid
The tents swallowed them whole, like an arachnid. o/~

Weell, the mainstage sets were amazing. Quite as I expected them to be. The Kennedys were major fun, and had a bunch of their good friends (read: half the performers at the fest.)

Of course, there were some poseurs. I didn't bother to quote part of Moxy Früvous' "Attack of the Killer Tents." Too many stupid people acting like assholes there. The guy walking across the front aisle waiving his hand while bluegrass singer Rhonda Vincent was singing "Down to the River to Pray." Then if that wasn't enough, there were the drunks plugging up the aisle all night long. Even worse, they're doing some solo clapping. Clapping (sort of not) in time to the music. Luckily the Song Swap didn't take as long as i thought it was.

To make matters worse, they're camping up here, about 50 yards away from the Budgiedome... and have a car stereo blaring their loud crap.

*sigh* Tomorrow will be better. quilynn will be here. Things will get better.

That's all for now. Remind me to write about DVN tomorrow.

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