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I've been playing a lot of Magicka of late.  (Steam, $10).  If you liked Diablo II, Dungeon Siege, or Torchlight, there's a good chance you'll like Magicka.

But of course, there are issues with games. Sometimes, games just crash.  And Magicka had a particular "crash to desktop" bug that was very annoying.

Apparently, that issue has been patched.  In fact, they're so sure it's gone that they added a new spell into the game, "Crash To Desktop."  When you cast it, something on the screen goes away in a disappearing blue screen of death.

Three new items were also added to the game, including "Bugged Staff", "A broken sword", and "Patched Robe"

The developers have even put together a special song for this.  It's titled "The Gamer and Magicka" Source, Direct link to MP3
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