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I came, I saw, I ran

I came, I saw, I ran the race.

31:27 over 5K.  For me, that's pretty good.  The course was about as flat as a course can be (short of a treadmill.)  The design was "out and back", such that you ran half the course running away from the starting line, and the other half doubling back on the path you took.

The downside of a race like this is that you can see everyone who is ahead of you running back to the starting line.  Including that farker who ran the road race in 16:10 or some ungodly time like that.

All in all, it was a great run.  Technically, I finished 4th in my age group (out of 4),  but since they don't duplicate awards, I got the bronze medal.

Plus, my race number was "2".  I guess that means I got my race entry in early.  Didn't help much.  I finished 39th out of 58 runners.

Here is a picture of me post-race with my race tag and my shiny medal.

Picture of me after my run

And who knew that I weighed less than Alton Brown? Damn, I thought the man was a little leaner than that. Go get 'em, Alton. Good luck on your plan.

Oh, and if gas prices go up any more here in Rome, then I will weigh less in pounds than a gallon of gas costs here in pennies.

And I am going to go buy another pair of running shoes today. The ones I bought last time are teh suck. Blisters suck.

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