Paul Mischler (misch) wrote,
Paul Mischler

Weekend Update

1. I ran.  But I already wrote about that.

2. Visited a friend on Saturday.  Seeing friends you haven't seen in a long time is good.

3.  Finally got to watch Finding Nemo. Wow.  What a fun movie that was!

4. Added another offering from South Pittsburg, TN.  (Kitchen Geek. Feh.)  It's a round griddle.  I swear that the next place I move to should have a gas stove.

5. I finally watched A Mighty Wind.  I gotta step on the scale, I laughed my ass off. :-)  Now I can join all my cool friends in knowing what the heck "Wha happen?" means.

6. To continue my lameness, tonight I prepared a dish from  Rachael Ray's (but much better in chocolate) "30 Minute Meals" cookbook.   Not bad!  Pasta, sausage, tomatoes, canellini beans, basil up the wazoo, onions, garlic... yum.  (It's on page 48 of the book if you're interested.)  The only problem is that I could only really eat one serving of it.  I now have 2 containers of it sitting in my fridge, and 2 more containers of it in the freezer.

7.  When they say "Grind your own nutmeg", they're not kidding.  The flavor difference is immense.  I got some whole nutmeg and used a microplane on it.  Far more fragrant than what the pre-ground jar in my spice cabinet has.

8.  "Fry Hard II: The Chicken" is one of the most hilarious episodes of Good Eats created.  (That I can think of in my sleep needing mind.)  Read the poetry from  the beginning and the end (scene 9).

Okay, i think that's about enough.  I get to do the "work" thing in the morning. :-p

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