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I knew...

I knew there would be people who could step up and fill the space that 12 Corners Coffeehouse left empty.  Two of my friends from the series has gone in on helping to start a new series, it's called Heartland Music.  I wish them the best of luck.

As an added bonus, they've booked Girlyman for 11/6/04, and The Kennedys for 12/4/04 (among others).

I guess I've been spending a little too much time today working on my concert calendar.

Some additions I've made:

5/14: FRFF Preview Tour, Night Eagle Cafe, Oxford, NY (Sorry Susan Werner, you got bumped.)

7/3: Ben Folds, Rufus Wainwright, Guster, High Falls, Rochester

8/2: Tanglefoot, Utica Monday Nite, Utica

9/10 Chris & Meredith Thompson, Mothers Wine Emporium, Troy

9/11-12 Chenango Colorscape Arts Festival, Norwich, NY

10/23 Dar Williams, Hamilton College, Clinton, NY

11/6 Girlyman, Rocheste
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