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From my "WTF???" pile

This morning, as I was driving to the bank, I witnessed an MTA bus (New York City) pulling into the Dunkin Donuts on Black River Blvd. here in Rome.  As soon as it pulled in, it made a beeline for the drive through window.  (Mind you, not going though the real drive through circle... it just drove straight to the drive through window.  It had   "Route 34 Crosstown" on its electronic sign.  (Mind you, the real Route 34 runs between Javits Convention Center and the Eastside Ferry Terminal.)

1. WTF was this bus going to ROME for?
2. WTF was this bus going to Dunkin Donuts???

Other news:
Finally saw "My Big Fat Greek Wedding".  This brings the count of movies that I've seen for the first time to "3", which I believe is a personal record since I've not been living in a place with HBO/Showtime/Etc...  I just noticed how much the lead actress looks like quembelle .

And Finally:
The Summers Eve Song Swap at Falcon Ridge.  Almost.  At least that's what it felt like.  A perfect night for a concert at the Night Eagle Cafe in Oxford, NY.  It was the Falcon Ridge Folk Festival preview tour, with Terence Martin, Carla Ulbrich, George Wurzbach,  and Jeffrey Foucault.  Mr. Foucault was a NO-SHOW.  (It wasn't even on his schedule page.)

Imagine for a moment, sitting on the hill at Falcon Ridge on a Friday night, listening to 4 great performers trading songs back and forth.  Tonight was much the same at the Night Eagle Cafe, 75 degrees, bothe the front and back doors open, and sort of a cool breeze blowing through the room.

And the music... wow... the music.  Unlike the 2003 crop of Most Wanted (Girlyman, We're About 9, Rachael Davis), this years performers were a bit more... umm... aged.  George Wurzbach, who readily admitted he has passed the 50 year mark already entertained us with humor, a sharp wit, and a disturbing amount of self-deprication.  Oh well.  We laughed with him, and his stylin' on the keyboard.

One of the best things about a song-swap is that the artists really do perform with each other.  The second half of the program (which was the real song-swap style set) had the performers backing each other up.  George was doing more backup than others since he had the keyboard.

Terence Martin, accompanied by long time musician friend Dan Bonis, was up with his solo set second.  I'm most familiar with Terences' music because of the extra play that he's gotten on Sirius Satellite Radio's "FolkTown" stream.  It's for good reason too.  His voice is strong and powerful,  and reminds me of some of the time I spent listening to Dave Carter.  I especially loved the imagery from his song "Augustine" off his second disc, "waterproof"

Carla Ulbrich also threw in a a short, but humorous set.  She's a great storyteller who will no doubt be among those invited to the "Rolling In The Aisles" section.  I mean, when you get away with singing a song that has words in Klingon at a folk concert, and everyone is laughing, you're probably doing something right.  And be sure to check out her merch page and get your "Waffle Ho---" buttons, to go along with her song "The Guy Who Changes The Lightbulb"

I must say that the Night Eagle Cafe is one of the nicest venues I've been to in some time.  Maybe because I was wearing Falcon Ridge-style clothes and enjoying 4 great performers.  Maybe I was reliving great memories of Colorscape as I drove through Norwich on my way to Oxford, beats me.  The people at The Night Eagle cafe are amazing.

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