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My Sunday

My sunday was wonderful. Well, except for the last part.

It started out dot dot dot.

In the afternoon, I hit the grocery store, picked up a few essentials, then skipped town to go to syracuse and shop. I spent way more than I really needed to, but oh well.

The concert:

After a bit to eat at Weggies, I traveled a bit down the road to Folkus for the Ellis Paul concert. It was a last minute booking pretty much, and everyone was worried that turnout was going to be low. It was better attended than expected, probably 90 people or so there to see him.

Stupid me didn't pay attention to the Folkus (Folk, because that's the music we like, Us because that's who we are! - dot o-r-g.) It was a 7:30 concert. So, being the good Fruhead that I was, I showed up early for the show. Turns out I was in there right on time. Pretty much following me up the aisle to my seat was Ellis Paul himself walking up to the stage.

Ellis played a great set, making his second half nearly filled with requests. He told lots of stories, including stories from the wedding he played the previous night. Also, Ellis is going to be a dad! Apparently his wife is about 8 months along now, so any day now... by the time Clearwater rolls around, Ellis could be a daddy!

I also picked up a copy of his DVD, "3000 Miles". Aside from catching an error on it (Odomoters roll down I think, not up), it looks pretty cool. I only got through the film of the roadtrip, so I've gotta watch the concert as well.

Oh, and my nice uptime on my linux box? Gone. Stupid storm. :-p But man, that made for some awesome views driving home from the concert. A little lightning came through the windows of May Memorial Unitarian church. The rolling thunder worked its way into some of the songs of the last set.

I'm gonna cut this short... power is likely to pop off at any time here.


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