Paul Mischler (misch) wrote,
Paul Mischler

An old friend

Here's an interesting one I found today (Thanks to fark).

I used to work in Counseling at NTID.  One of the counselors there was deaf, and her family was profiled on CBS News Sunday Morning.  She had the office right next to mine while I was there.

Well, her family is back in the news again.  Why?  All 4 of the members of her family have gotten cochlear implants.  Interesting process for one person to go through, but for all four to do it at the same time is rather unusual.

But, anyway, our department "star" was back in the limelight again.  (We might have teased her a bit about that. ;-)  Of course the original TV interview was a big deal for us.  We had a "brown-bag lunch" day and got one of the big rooms in the building and played the interview.

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