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Vance Gilbert

Tonight, I saw Vance Gilbert at the Oswego Music Hall.  Damn, that man is still funny.  Every. Time. I. See. Him.

Absolutley beautiful day for a concert right on the lake.  That venue is wonderful as are the people who run it.  (Thanks volunteers!)  And they had cheesecake.  *yum* *drool*

Vance is sporting a new haircut.  Far shorter than I've ever seen it.  He reminds me of a former cow orker of mine, Mark Rosica, from my days at NTID.  (Mark's picture is on this page.  Just liek that, a little shorter).

Some highlights from the show.  Vance Gilbert & Ellis Paul's album "Side Of The Road" should have been titled "Damn, I Wish I Wrote That", but the title probably didn't sit well with the record business people.

At the end, Vance was basically giving a news report of the stuff that happened during the day.  Smarty Jones lost.  Ronald Reagan died.  Then someone from the back chirped  "Shouldn't you be singing this?"  Well, he did.  We were treated to a ballad about the russian tennis players playing in the finals of the Womens French Open, and the Argentinian Mens French Open.  Also, a flamenco song about LA, the Lakers, and Kobe Bryant.

Tres funny.

I thought I was going to be there at the concert without anyone that I knew, but, of course, Vance Gilbert.  I should have figured somebody I knew would show up.  And they did.  It happened to be Judy & Ralph from Heartland Music in Rochester.  (Basically 12 Corners under New Managment.  And a new venue.  All my Rochester based peeps need to go check them out.)

Although I said it before, Girlyman will not be at Heartland Music in the fall because of a venue problem.  Judy & Ralph are going to try to get them in during the spring.

All in all, a lovely evening.  And I guess I'll have a hockey party Monday night at my place.  Oh, quilynn , be expecting mail.

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