Paul Mischler (misch) wrote,
Paul Mischler

Falcon Ridge, Part 6

Back with more from Falcon Ridge

Wow. What a night.

The evening pretty much got started with the Dave Carter tribute set. Dave Carter, of the Dave Carter & Tracey Grammer duo passed away after a sever heart attack the Friday before Falcon Ridge.

The outpouring of support was amazing. The Nields, Chris & Meredith Thompson, Lucy Kaplansky, The Kennedys, and so many more, all took the opportunity to share a song and tell their stories of Dave & Tracey.

There was so much beautiful music, and I'm sure I would have been content to have just listened to the tribute all night. Tracey started the set off with some accompaniement from a few friends. I don't know what Tracey was feeling, and I don't think I want to try. All I know is that I got to spend an evening listening to great music, for the first time at Falcon Ridge with non-Fruhead fans.

Following the tribute set, Eddie From Ohio played ther set, with special guests Da Vinci's Notebook. The Nields followed with a wonderful set with numerous special guests. I stuck around for Chris Smither, and got to listen to a truly seasoned folk musician.

I decided to pull up stakes and haul my tired ass up the hill and into the Budgiedome. We were supposed to be treated to a wonderful "X-rated" Workshop from Da Vinci's Notebook and Eric Schwartz. Unfortunaltey, Paul Sabourin from DVN came up the hill and told us that they were too tired to come up the hill.

Saturday night kicked off with David Morrealle, a musician from Maryland who Carey really likes. Russell Wolff followed with a special set in honor of the release of his new CD, Roadkill Americana. As an added bonus, I am thanked in the liner notes :-)

Russell jammed with Christina Abbott, a woman he toured with for a little while, anda very talented musician in her own right. After Russell, Christina followed with a few songs of her own. At this point our emcee for the evening Godon decided to call it quits and head off to bed. Of course, he turned over the reins to me, MC Misch. :-D

I had been considering going t bed at that point too, but, with new responsibilities, got a second wind (probably third at that point.)

I had the distinct pleasure of introducing 2001 Showcase Artist, and 2002 "Most Wanted", Eric Schwartz. Eric is by far one of the funniest, most edgy singers that I have met. He performed a few of his hits for the Budgiedome crowd, including "Shaving Off My Muff" (Saving all my love parody), as well as songs about gay people and lesbians. (Equal opportunity folk singer.)

I made my best segue of the night intoducing the following singer. "And now we go from a guy who sings songs about lesbians t a guy named Butch... Ladies and Gentlemen... Butch Ross!!" I earned big laughs and mega kudos for that one.

We also had another showcase artist, Antje Duvekot. Afterwards, we had Mary Sue Tuey, Stephanie Fix (Who I came up with a great segue for too), and some guy names Oliver to clsoe out the night. Lots of fun, considering we didn't quit until 3:45 in the morning. The Budgiedome says on it "Wandering Minstrels Adopted. Enquire within." I'm so glad we got to have all these wonderful people at the dome. We don't have the prestige of the Big Orange Tarp yet, but maybe someday we will.

I'm pooped, so I'm going to bed now. Good night!

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