Paul Mischler (misch) wrote,
Paul Mischler

It's one hell of a day here in San Fran if you're a gay Java developer who works on the Apple OS X platform...

1. JavaOne is here this week. (I'm here)
2. WorldWide Developer Conference 2004 (WWDC) is here for Apple
3. It's pride week here.

oh, I found The Container Store SF while I was out and about today.

And Lush.

To answer questions about Lush.  Is it British?  Is it Canadian?  The answer, according to a board inside the Lush store here in SF, it is BOTH.  The store originated in the UK, but the franchise rights to Canada and the US are owned by Canadians.  I took a picture of the board, but it came out bad, so it was *baleeted*

I have a nice picture of me standing at the corner of Ellis & Powell.  (Say it... Ellis Powell.... say it faster... again... got it?)

I'd post it, but it appears that my server at home is among the non-responsive.  *sigh*

Okay, that's enough for tonight.  My body says it's 2 AM.  My watch says 11 PM.  I hate being all screwed up.

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