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Checking in...

Another fun filled day here at JavaOne. Had a few sessions this afternoon, a case study of Brazil's medical system and how java delivers nationwide health care support. Also sessions on Java 1.5 improvements and a set of Java Puzzlers.

Up next is HOCKEY! I've got my Corner Crew t-shirt on, and a Sabres jersey to wear over top when i go back to the conference for the "Birds-of-a-Feather" technical sessions tonight.

I'll post pictures of me at the conference in my hockey jersey later on.

It's Sun vs. Apple, a rumble in the Yerba Buena Ice Center.

Now to come up with some good cheers. Any ideas? You've got half an hour. call the cell.

Then again, the new Java release, 1.5 is called "Tiger", so I guess I could use all my Tiger ones...

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