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Falcon Ridge, Part 7!

And now, the end.

Sunday, 9:15 PM

Well, that's that.... the end to another Falcon Ridge.

For some dumb reason, I thought I might get into position to get a tarp spot. 7:10 AM, after having gone to bed at 4:15. Ha. No. Not with Ani's army out there.

Didn't matter much, there was only one real "must see" set Sunday morning. I got my tarp down at the workshop stage instead.

The Gospel wake-up call, featuring Chris & Meredith Thompson, Christopher Williams, Edie From Ohio, and Da Vinci's Notebook. Wow, that was a lot fun. DVN even managed to surprise us with one or two serious songs. After their funny "gospel" song "Magic Kingdom In The Sky", Bernie asked for an "Amen!" from the crowd. He got it, then muttered "Ha! You're all going down with us!"

The rain started to fall at the end of the end of the Gospel Wake Up Call, and would continue to be on and off for the remainder of the day. Didn't matter much as I managed to keep myself pretty dry under my raingear.

My first workshop was "Rolling in the Aisles" with DVN, Zoe Lewis, Greg Brown, and Eric Schwartz. Little did we realize that we were going to get the "X-Rated Workshop" that we missed out on the nighr before, Eric Schwarz got the "fun" started with the song "Shaving Off My Muff"

DVN countered with "Internet Porn". Schwarz responded with one of his songs about lesbians. DVN came back with the ultimate in songs, whipping out "Enourmous Penis". (Yws, they did give parents ample warning). Guess who is joining Dan Bern and Adam Brodsky on the "Not welcome at FRFF" list? ;-)

After laughing my ass off, "Duos" took over the workshop stage with The Nields, The Kennedys, and The Thompson sisters. Dave Carter & Tracy Grammer were supposed to play that set, but, alas, even the best laid plans of mice and men are oft gone agley. It was great heaing all the stories, and explanations behind the songs, and relations between band members, and between the bands themselves.

Follwing the Duos set, I pulled up stakes and went back upstairs to the Budgiedome. Packed my stuff into Becca's car, and helped pack stuff from the dome into vans. I didn't think that we would be going to stay for Ani, but Surprise, surprise, we did. Luckily, Trace had braved the morning crowds, and gotten a tarp down. (Pretty good location too!) Thank you for letting me mooch for this one set :-)

I gotta say, I don't understand what all this hubbub is all about over Ani DiFranco. Granted, she has some pretty damn good guitar playing skills, but her lyrics... I think they need work. She had a few good ranty songs in the end of her set, but I think a bunch of her songs just went over her head. I'll leave it to Ani's Army to interpret however they wish. Mad props to her for being a Buffalo girl, and having ideals, and pushing (sometimes ending up being what she rails against). No standing ovation from me, as I saved my standing O's for truly great sets like the Friday Night Summer Eve song swap, and the Dave Carter Tribute.

I think this year I learned the true meaning of the Falcon Ridge spirit, seeing it broken by a few poseurs who poisoned the fest, and then seeing it rebuilt by many artists joining together in spirit to mourn one of their own. This bond between musicians and the fans at Falcon Ridge are the basis of the Falcon Ridge spirit.

Dave Carter, I felt your spirit this weekend. Good luck in your travels. It's too much for us to ask why, but remember the good memories and carry on as best we can.

Dave Carter 1952-2002.

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