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So, I did another one of those 5K run thingies.  It was the Runway Run which I did last year.  It's an actual 5K run down & back one of the runways at the Griffis air field (formerly Griffis Air Force Base).

The wether was a lot cooler than I might have otherwise liked, but I am certainly pleased with the results.

Drumroll please.

29:45. (9:35 mile pace)

Yes.  I have broken the 30:00 mark!!111!!ONE!!!  I knew things were looking good when I passed the halfway point in 14:45.  There was a bit of a headwind going out, so it turned into a tail wind on the way back in.  I rounded the final turn and made a full sprint (well, as well a full sprint as I can do after having run 3 miles.)  I could hear the timekeeper on the bullhorn giving out times as the runners ahead of me finished.  I heard "29!" and put everything I had left into the run.

Let me tell you... it was like winning a race for me.  I broke my personal best time AND I broke the 30 minute mark.

It's just a shame that they were only giving out awards to the top three male/female runners overall.  I could have gotten an award and not felt bad about it afterwards. ;-)

My reward to myself will be a new pair of sneakers.  These ones that I have now are blistering my feet to all hell.  I will have them and they will be broken in before the next run I do on September 11th, the Paul Revere 5K.

Now if you'll excuse me, I've got a cold one bottle of Gatorade in the fridge waiting to be consumed.

Edit: You can see how bad I did last time here.

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