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Insanity concert schedule for this weekend:

Friday 9/10:
Leave work & Haul ass over to Troy
Chris & Meredith Thompson at Mothers Wine Emporium

Saturday 9/11:
9 AM: Paul Revere 5K Run
After: Go home, shower.
Haul ass to Norwich, NY
Colorscape Chenango Arts Festival
Hopefully (Probably not) make it in time for Garnet Rogers at noon, The Kennedys at 1:30 and the Sloan Wainwright Band with Cadence Carroll (Another person working on her masters degree!) at 2:30, and Gandalf Murphy and the Slambovian Ci[rcus of dreams: too damn long, that gets cut off on Sirius]

Sunday 9/12:
If I'm not dead yet, Seth Horan is at Borders in Syracuse.
Hey Upstate New Yorkers: Seth is playing pretty much every Borders cafe this week and next, starting tonight in Buffalo.

And has anyone seen where I left my copy of Gandalf Muphy's "Flapjacks From The Sky" or Peter Mulvey's "The Trouble With Poets"?  I'm worried that these were lifted from my desk at work. *grumble*  Perhaps they're in my car trunk.

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