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5K - 30:13

So I did another one of those 5K runs this morning.  The course was fast and (pretty) flat.  I ran pretty well, finishing at 30:13 (30:15 official, 9:44 mile pace). This was my personal second-best.  I was 71st out of 87 runners.  No hardware for me in this run because I finished 8th out of 9 runners in my age group (20-29).  I did win a raffle prize of 2 powerbars and a pair of ankle socks.

Probably the funniest moment on course was when this 76 year old woman came up behind me and said "Gorgeous woman behind you!"  I didn't really get it at first, but then she passed me and said "Darn, I thought you were going to look!"  Trickssssy old people.  (I did pass her in the last quarter mile, and finished 0:15 ahead of her. :-p)  I was a good enough sport to tell her after the race "I'm sorry, I was too focused on the race to notice that there was a beautiful woman behind me."  That got a big smile out of her.  I can only hope that if I make it to her age, I'm able to run as well as she did today.

The people who ran that race were out to run as nobody finished slower than 34 minutes.  I should probably pick up the local sunday paper and keep a copy of the results.

Now I'm off to the Colorscape Chenanago Arts Festival.  If I listen to The Kennedys show on FolkTown on my way down, then see them live in concert this afternoon, do I, by default, become "That Guy"?

1st mile: 8:45 2nd mile: 10:42 (19:27) Final 1.11 miles: 10:46.  Needless to say, I ran a crappy second mile.
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