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News from the Sims 2 World...

Mourning the death of SimPaul Mischler, at the ripe old age of 74 days.

A brilliant scientist, working for a top secret military lab [creepy, isn't it?], Paul devoted his life to a gathering of knowledge in Logic, Cooking and Cleaning [the more art imitates life...]. Despite this technical bent, Paul still found the time for physical fitness, painting, and watching TV.

Video Games SSX3

Paul is survived by his live-in umm... "WooHoo!" friend Cassandra Goth, whom Paul did not realize until too late in life that she was already engaged to Playboy Don Lothario.

The couple

Paul would have been well advised to have read the story of Pleasantville more thoroughly [it stated that they were engaged] and spend his time pursuing other intersts, like the Caliente sisters.

Caliente Sisters

Paul was also an avid reader, hot-tub lover, philosophical debater, and torturer of Garden Gnomes.

Hot Tub Lover and Philosophical Debating with the Caliente Sisters

Garden Gnome Torturer

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