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Good, Bad & Ugly

Good: Eddie From Ohio Concert.
The band was on tonight.  Make all the jokes you want about "The Egg", "crack", "yolk", and other things came up often.

We sang the Jack-o-lantern song! (Tune: Frere Jacques)
Jack-o-lantern, jack-o-lantern
shining bright, shining bright
candle in the middle, candle in the middle
I am not afraid of you, I am not afraid of you.

I had fun with that show.

In the bad column:
FedEx sucks.  Since they have no depot in Rome,shipments come from other sites, and take longer.  UPS has a depot in Rome.  Packages arrive by 1 for UPS.  FedEx, I'm lucky to see by 5.

I missed the exit from 790-to-90.  Had to go to the next exit and take Genesee street back over to the Thruway.

Parking at The Egg SUCKS.  Note to designers:  When putting a performing arts center somewhere, don't put i tin the same place as a place where you'd have to have your vehicles searched, mmmkay?  And, when all the spots to the left are taken, and the only ones left are spots that are going to have cars towed out of, how about you TELL people that the only remaining spots are off to the right?  Is it that hard?

DWI checkpoint right at the toll boot going from 787 back to the Thruway.  Good job confusing the hell out of me people.

Note to road designers:  When putting signs that say "I-87 North TO I-90 West", please put these signs BEFORE the road becomes hopelessly split off.  Yes, I found myself headed south to New York City after getting onto 87.  16 wasted miles of driving.

Rain sucks.

That is all.

Ugly: $3.50 for a cookie bar at The Egg.

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