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Ahh, some things never change:

Buffalo 3, Leafs 1

I'll have to remember to order NHL Center Ice for the season.

Great show with Greg Klyma at Musical Lairs in Villanova.

  • I got to tell a Buffalo joke. (After Greg did a song in polish during the show, afterwards I made the 'Cheektowaga' is polish for "near the airport")
  • There was a guy from Rochester at the show.
  • In terms of where people live, NJ, PA, and DE were all represented.
  • Greg's new album is a break-up album.  Hey, he got 4 songs out of the breakup, so I guess it was a good one.
  • Got to talk to Greg and Lee Bowers after the show for a good long while.  That was nice.  I got some mention of Teresa Storch, Brad Yoder, We're About 9, Red Molly, and Carolann Solebello into the conversation.
  • Lee is going to have Brad Yoder next year
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Great show with Brad Yoder at the The Last Chance Cafe tonight.  Been a while since I've been to the Last Chance.  It looked like it was going to be a lightly attended show, Jim and Sheila held the show for about 15 minutes and *boom*, it filled right up.

Since I was there last, Sheila and Jim have added a basement bar and a couch with attached chaise.  Gone is the chair I used to sit in, front row, room for one.  *sigh*  I had to make do with one of the other seats.

That's about all I have to say.  Teresa Storch next Friday, Greg Klyma on Saturday.  Greg will also be at Lansdowne Folk Club on Thursday.  Be there!
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I saw this article in the Courier Post.

Eseentially, this: A family moved to Mount Laurel to get their son into the Mount Laurel school district.  He suffers from CP.  The family isn't well off, and essentially their house is was a converted chicken coop on Hartford Road.

I didn't think much of the house.  I drove by it most every time I went to the gym.

Neighbors have decided to build Dominic a new house.  The old house was demolished yesterday to make way for a new one. Video.

Here's the group website.