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misch's Journal

Paul Mischler
2 December 1978
alton brown, board games, budgiedome, buffalo, buffalo sabres, cadence carroll, card games, carsie blanton, central new york, christine lavin, civic hybrids, coding, computer science, computers, concerts, cyborgs, da vinci's notebook, dar williams, david matheson, deirdre flint, dilbert, eagle scout, eclipse, ecofluxx, eddie from ohio, ellis paul, eric schwartz, erin mckeown, falcon ridge folk festival, fluxx, folk, folk festivals, folk music, football, fruheads, futurama, games, geek girls, geeks, gnu, good eats, gracies dinnertime theatre, great big sea, groovelily, guild wars, guster, gvim, hockey, homestarrunner.com, html, hybrid cars, java, jonathan coulton, kevin so, linux, looney labs, marlton, martha's trouble, mighty taco, monty python, monty python fluxx, moxy fruvous, moxy früvous, mozilla, mozilla firefox, mozilla thunderbird, music, nerds, new jersey, oblivion, open source, pacemakers, palm, pat wictor, perl, philadelphia, programming, questionable content, rachael ray, rit, rit players, ritsma, rochester, russell wolff, sarah harmer, sarah slean, satellite radio, sexylosers.com, sirius, sirius satellite radio, software, software development, software engineering, south jersey, sushi, syracuse, syracuse university, terence martin, the arrogant worms, the capitol steps, the kennedys, the mammals, the nields, they might be giants, tory cassis, upstate ny, user friendly, utica, vance gilbert, video games, vim, wawa, wber, we're about 9, webdesign, webmaster, wegmans, williamsville, williamsville south high school, wine, wit, women, wxpn, zendo